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Mobile Marketing – Mobile Web Sites

Text Message Marketing – Apps – QR Codes

If you do not have a Mobile Marketing Strategy, you do not have a marketing strategy!

mobiledevices1 The term “mobile” means a lot more than mobile phones. More and more consumers are connecting devices wirelessly to the Internet. They’re on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, talking or getting instant access to the products and information they want. Few electronic gadgets have become a closer part of our daily lives than the mobile phone. And because mobile phones are such a personal part of our world, mobile marketing has the potential to create a uniquely powerful impact.
Google says that local searches constitute 40% of all mobile searches.  Microsoft has said this number is 53%. A straight 40% calculation puts the number of monthly local-mobile queries between about 760 million and 960 million.If you have not formulated your mobile strategy, now is the time. Here’s why:

  • 1 in 4 mobile users will redeem a coupon via a mobile device in 2014.
  • A 48% increase in mobile payments is projected in the United States,
    increasing to $90 billion in 2014.
  • 24% of American tablet owners use their tablets to shop 2-3 times a month.
  • 20% of American tablet owners use them to shop more than once a week.
  • 12% of American tablet owners use them to shop every day.
  • Over half of Americans don’t have or use a land line.
  • Tablet users access search 73.9 percent of the time, more than any other activity.
  • Local mobile searches (85.9 billion) are projected to exceed desktop searches (84 billion) for the first time in 2015; 73 percent of mobile searches trigger follow-up actions 28 percent of mobile searches
    result in conversions.
  • Google conducts 30 million click-to-calls each month.


Marketing to these mobile users presents a huge opportunity.

Do you want to raise awareness… win new customers… increase sales and improve customer

Then you need:

a Mobile-friendly Web site – Surfing the web on a mobile phone is entirely different than searching on a computer. Screen real estate is limited, which means a small business has to reduce the amount of text that appears on its mobile page. restaurant-homepage-iphone
to Consider Mobile apps – There’s an app for just about everything, so why not your business? Offering an app can generate buzz about a business, and while it isn’t the cheapest mobile market strategy, it can be an effective one.
texting to Use Text messaging – Sending customers text ads is an inexpensive way to get increased
business as well as create some loyalty among consumers. It’s a great way for companies to connect to their clients.
to use Mobile barcodes – 83% of North American consumers are aware of QR codes, and 47% of those have used their mobile device to scan one. It’s a great way to transition from print to digital. RestQRCode
to apply Location-based services – Location-based services (LBS) use a mobile devices controls for location and time data. Services such as Foursquare, FaceBook, Google Local Places and others include services to identify a location of a person or object, such as discovering the nearest banking cash machine or the whereabouts of a friend or employee.
Location-based services include mobile commerce, taking the form of coupons or advertising directed at customers based on location.

 Click here to watch a few short videos on Mobile Marketing

Call 770-498-9933 or text “locamobile” to 71441 to learn more.

 Don’t wait! Get started with your Mobile Marketing strategy today! 

Think Mobile First, Not Mobile Friendly!

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