What is a QR Code and What are the Benefits?

What is a QR Code and What are the Benefits?

QR codes are a marketer’s dream. These small barcodes can hold a wealth of information and are incredibly sophisticated. They are surprisingly effective at getting people to find out what is waiting on the other side of them too, which is why they are great for marketing.

With a QR code you can send people to web addresses, social media sites, online videos, special coupon offers or promotions; actually, you can send them to any online destination of your choice. The beauty of it is the fact that there aren’t any limits as to how you use them, so you can be as creative as you want.So, why are they good for marketing?


Well, to put things simply; they encourage people to take action there on the spot. They provide instant gratification to mobile users, which is exciting for them.QR codes are simple and hassle-free for users. All they need to do is take out their smartphone with a QR code scanner app installed and they are ready to go.


Marketing is all about getting people to take action as quickly as possible; and that is not easy with most forms of marketing. The longer it takes to move people closer to the sale, the less chance you have of actually making the sale.


Perhaps one of the best reasons to use QR codes is that they are cost-effective. They don’t cost a lot to create. In fact, if you check online, you will find a multitude of different websites which will allow you to create top quality QR codes for a small fee.


 Are you thinking that QR codes would be difficult to implement into your marketing strategy? They’re not. All it takes is developing a plan to figure out:

  • What you will use them for
  • How you will create them
  • Where you will put them
  • How you will track results

Just be sure to ‘test’ everything and make sure they are working properly before you put them out there. Otherwise, you could waste a lot of time and get no results. You may also want to consider getting the help of a professional who is knowledgeable about the proper ways to create and implement them so you get started off on the right track.