The Gem

Get your hands on a new technology that allows you to broadcast non-stop messages to endless mobile phones...
  • Without the need for an app
  • Without paying for advertising or any payment for traffic
  • Perfect for generating leads and traffic for local business
  • Perfect for generating leads, traffic and buyer Facebook/Google audience for eCom businesses
  • Easy to use (Zero tech skills needed)
The Bluetooth Gem was designed for short-range communication. It has a range of up to 100 meters. It is widely adapted to a multitude of applications. Multiple beacons enable you to share several messages with your customers. If you are a B2C business, the Bluetooth Gem is a must have item to increase sales.
  • Attract  people to your venue
  • Raise awareness about your product or company by sending business cards and landing pages
  • Reward visitors with exclusive and free access to VIP information
  • Improve customer experience by sending greeting messages as people enter the venue
  • Raise awareness about ongoing promotions and discounts
  • Drive people to your venue as they pass by through location sensitive notifications
  • Instantly sign customers up for Loyalty programs

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