The Gem With ChitSlips

Each link broadcasted on a Gem is required to resolve to a secure landing page. {https://) is a secure website created for the purpose of maintaining secure landing pages for our Gem customers links. is maintained by professional web page designers. 

"Gem with Chitslips" includes a secure landing page for customers which can include mobile services such as tap to call, tap to text, contact forms, Geo Location services and other customer information data acquisition. This enables our Gem customers to have access to landing page design and secure links without having the know how or needing to hire web designers to supply needed links. Each account is granted one update per month at no additional cost. This makes sure you get the most out of your Gem...
  • Without the need for an app
  • Without paying for advertising or any payment for traffic
  • Perfect for generating leads and traffic for local business
  • Perfect for generating leads, traffic and buyer Facebook/Google audience for eCom businesses
  • Easy to use (Zero tech skills needed)
The Bluetooth Gem was designed for short-range communication. It has a range of up to 100 meters. It is widely adapted to a multitude of applications. Multiple beacons enable you to share several messages with your customers. If you are a B2C business, the Bluetooth Gem is a must have item to increase sales.
  • Attract  people to your venue
  • Raise awareness about your product or company by sending business cards and landing pages
  • Reward visitors with exclusive and free access to VIP information
  • Improve customer experience by sending greeting messages as people enter the venue
  • Raise awareness about ongoing promotions and discounts
  • Drive people to your venue as they pass by through location sensitive notifications
  • Instantly sign customers up for Loyalty programs