Text Message Marketing for Retail Stores

As consumers become more and more informed, it’s imperative that you reach out to them in the way they communicate. Mobile Marketing in the form of SMS text messaging is one of the most effective new tools at your disposal. Look at the people walking around your location. 30% of cell phones are smart-devices and most of those people are typing away on their mobile phones. Those people are text messaging.

How can you use SMS effectively? Develop your strategy first around opt-in information gathering. Build strong two-way communications with your users. This will create better and more targeted users and help with conversions.

  • Target marketing messages about new arrivals to opted-in consumers based on their previous purchases
  • Use SMS to recover abandoned web shopping carts
  • conduct a satisfaction survey through SMS
  • alert product recalls through be sent out with SMS
  • use SMS to create a transaction through coupons

Put yourself in the place of your consumers and ask yourself what you would want from your business. Our mobile marketing solution puts creates retail promotion ideas that were never possible before! Instant action means instant results. Our text messaging service is easy to use, allowing you to focus on developing a powerful, cost effective retail marketing strategy that utilizes the latest technology.

No contract – No set-up fees. Contact us using the “Contact” form for a free demonstration. We can develop the right program for your organization!