Text messaging is the most popular method of communication today. Almost every parent and student at your facility owns and uses a smart phone. SMS messaging can provide schools and colleges with an immediate, reliable and cost-effective method for contacting parents and students instantly. 

Ensure students, teachers and parents are informed in time! Notifications can be sent for school closings, emergency broadcasts, special events, games, practice, weather advisories, general news and more... 

Schools can now use the power of text messaging to contact parents and students to convey information in an extremely time sensitive manner. 

Text messaging can be used for:

  • Broadcast emergency alerts (school lockdowns)
  • Broadcast event notifications
  • Broadcast class cancellations (rescheduling)
  • Alerts to parents of ill children
  • Alerting parents for delayed school buses
  • Alerting parents for local dangers, such as stalker
  • Broadcasting snow day notifications
Create unlimited groups to categorize students and parents by grade, clubs, activities and more.  You can also create additional groups to categorize faculty and staff for internal communications. Message forwarding, Send-From-Phone & Our Mobile Optimized App allow for on-the-go two-way communication during emergencies and other time-sensitive situations. With our Text Messaging Services, schools can create broadcast lists organized by group, such as staff, students, parents, making it simple to quickly set up a targeted broadcast message to the relevant group. Messages are sent and received almost immediately, ensuring the timeliness of the information. Many of the above uses, without text messaging, currently involve significant costs to the school, including labor and phone service expenses. Click on the Contact page and ask for a free Demo!


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