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Our mobile marketing program will increase revenues from vacationers during their stay, and provide a direct touch point to previous patrons to promote future bookings.

Have your clients opt into your mobile information service upon check in. Offer some incentive to sign in, such as a free drink during their stay.  Publicize the service as a convenience to the customers, providing them timely information and alerts on resort activities and money-saving coupons related to those activities. By placing small signs in each room, hotel chains can benefit by offering their existing guests a  discount their next stay as a way of saying "Thank you" for preferring their hotels.

Another popular method is to ask their guests to join the hotel's VIP club. Once they have joined, guests can receive special offers, travel packages, free dinners, tickets to local events and other special benefits. Your resort would have a list of the people who have opted into the mobile program. Those numbers could later be used to advertise any vacation specials during low season, vacation packages for the same time period in the future, or updates to the resort facilities.

SMS for Travel: Accomodation and Transportation
Increase customer loyalty by implementing SMS! Great for flight alerts including: confirmations, cancellations, delays, tracking, hotel details and more...
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