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A large number of patients miss appointments because they simply forget. Reminding patients of appointments is costly and time consuming. Outpatient clinics and large private practices can spend hours placing appointment reminder phone calls. 

Appointment Reminder Messaging can interface to your existing appointment management system and automatically deliver appointment reminders to patients’ mobile phones via text messaging. Appointment Reminder Messaging portal can notify the staff if the message is not viewed by the recipient prior to the appointment date and time. If the patient needs to cancel or reschedule an appointment, a simple reply to the appointment reminder text message can notify the staff of appointment changes. 

Clients/Patients will never miss another appointment reminder again! Calls can be missed but text messages are always received. Our Text Message Marketing Platform allows you to send a text message to an individual phone number and it also allows you to schedule a date and time that you want a text message to be sent. 

In addition to appointment reminders, use our Text Message Marketing Platform to create a keyword and enhance your current marketing. Entice your current or potential patients to join your text message group and reconnect with that group via text!
  • Generate emergency alerts
  • Send appointment reminders to clients
  • Schedule text messages
  • Contact staff that is out of the office
  • Generate customer care notifications
  • Send SMS to colleagues and family
Reduce no-show rates and generate more revenue with mobile text reminders! No more costly postcards or time consuming phone calls. Mobile Marketing is convenient, targeted, immediate, trackable and low in cost! Click on the Contact page and ask for a free Demo!

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