Political campaigns

Political campaigns require you to work constantly at getting the word out about your candidate or political party. Throughout the life of a political campaign, from the early campaigning stages right up to voting day, staying connected with voters is the best way to ensure success. The last several presidential election campaigns have relied upon SMS text messaging like no campaign before it. They recognized its myriad benefits and put the medium to good use. The 2004 election cycle saw the emergence of the internet—specifically blogs—as an essential part of any political campaign. By November 2008, the blogosphere and social media were old hat. So what technological leap defined the 2008,12 and 16 election cycles - text messaging of course.
Text messaging for political campaigns can be leveraged to power:
  • Emergency & Media Rapid Response
  • Mobile Polling
  • Field Operative Communications
  • Geographically / Demographically targeted communications among grass-roots supporters
  • Meet-up coordination
  • Mobile Petitioning
  • Promoting Moneybombs
Mobile marketing is the perfect way to support your political campaign because voters and supporters can be reached 24/7 with one of the most personal and timely devices, the cell phone. Text SMS Marketing can help you leverage this exciting marketing channel to help your campaign and make your candidate the political and thought leader for voters.
SMS for Government: Federal, State and Local
Contact citizens about occurrences that may require their immediate attention. Some examples include: evacuation routes, flood warnings, changes in traffic patterns due to construction, road closures, property tax deadlines, voter polling, power outages and more.
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