Loyalty Programs

We know that it’s much more cost effective to have your existing customers return than it is to find new customers.  Research has shown that customers involved in restaurant loyalty programs will most likely spend more money than new customers. And since almost all of your existing customers use a smartphone why not use their smartphone to bring them back 2X more often.

Loyalty programs are the most useful way of getting your customers back. Most businesses that use loyalty programs do so with “Punch Cards.” Every time they visit your establishment they receive a “punch” on their card. Every “punch” brings them nearer to getting a free item or special promotion. However, not all customers will want to carry these cards with them on a daily basis and they are subject to loss! Enabling a virtual punch card for your business will gain you access to the 73% of smart phone users who say they are interested in Loyalty cards via their smart device!

77% of respondents have suggested that SMS would have a positive impact on their loyalty to a particular brand. Give them what they want!

With our Loyalty Kiosk you can:
  • build a list of repeat customers,
  • offer them rewards to come back often,
  • remind them periodically that you have missed them,
  • Even send them messages on slow days inviting them in for specials!
Social Media Integration. People love to share their experiences via their devices! Allow them to share their loyalty with their friends, via FaceBook, Twitter and or text messaging. Our SMS platform allows complete integration with FaceBook, Twitter and many email programs. Send your text to your clients, forward to Social media platforms; even use your web site and social media as a platform to sign up new customers and ensure a major boost in terms of their SMS campaigns in the long run.
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