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In difficult economic times like the present, we know just how far you need to stretch your advertising dollars. SMS Marketing is cost effective and extremely potent. SMS text messaging can be a very effective way to market for night clubs. 

Text messaging will take your nightlife promotions to the next level. Most of the patrons use text messaging as a way to keep in touch with friends.  It is very popular and a good way to show a personal touch to your marketing activity. 

 One clear advantage of text SMS marketing over traditional marketing methods is its immediacy. For example, if a club is having a slow night and the owner would like to put a special out on the cover charge to bring in more people, a message can be sent out at that moment to fill the club and make a slow night with no lines into a packed night.

  • Patrons can subscribe to your text messaging list by texting your unique keyword(s) from their mobile phone.
  • Run mobile contests. Offer your patrons who subscribe to your texting list the chance to win a $20 bar tab or a free private party during a game of their choice.
  • Send out a text message to mobile subscribers on a rainy evening, offering free appetizers to anyone that shows their text by 10pm.
  • Add our customizable signup widget to your website, Facebook page, and email blasts.
  • Upload your lists of already opted-in contacts in seconds.
Using text SMS marketing, another benefit is that club customers can refer any promotion to a friend by simply forwarding their text message, expanding the reach of a club's marketing. Those friends, in turn are likely to also join the club's promotion, adding another customer to the club clientele. Click on the Contact page and ask for a free Demo!

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