Reach Your Customers Where Ever They Are!

Anybody with a smartphone is likely to carry it around with them wherever they go. But more consumers use their smart devices for interactive communications rather than phone conversation! In fact, today’s most common method of communication is text messaging. Americans text twice as much as they call, adults under 45 send and receive an average of  85+ texts every day and adults 18-24 send and receive over 128 texts every day.

It’s no wonder then that many American businesses are turning to text message marketing (SMS). In fact texting is the easiest most cost effective method of communication with your customers that is available today.

Restaurants, Bars and Clubs use texting and loyalty programs to fill empty seats. 73% of respondents said they would be interested in mobile offers and 66% said they would prefer mobile loyalty programs to pocket loyalty cards.

Resorts and Travel Industry professionals use SMS to increase revenues from vacationers during their stay, and provide a direct touch point to previous patrons to promote future bookings.

Retailers use SMS to drive foot traffic and keep customers engaged giving them a reason to come back by sending them coupons they can redeem on their cell phone.

Schools and Churches use SMS to keep members, parents and students informed at all times! Great for church events, daily bible verses, prayer requests, meeting & service reminders, donations, fundraising, and important news. Notifications can be sent for school closings, emergency broadcasts, special events, games, practice and  weather advisories!

Personal Services, Medical and Dental offices use SMS for appointment reminders, to send  encouragement notices, goals or activities, or simply communicate with staff.

The possibilities are endless.  Text “gomobiletoday” to 71441 or you may scan this code!