Frequently asked Questions

How long does it take to get set up and started?
You can create your locamobile account in a matter of minutes. Simply choose a subscription package, purchase it via the website and then you?ll be prompted to create your account by answering a few simple questions. After this simple process, you?ll have access to our texting platform and can get your text message campaign started.

How much does it cost?
Choose a monthly subscription fee, which varies in price. Each subscription includes credits for SMS (text messages). In a particular month, if you have a need for more than your allotted credits for text messages, you can purchase additional messages for as low as $0.07 per text.

Can I use my credit card to purchase text messages?
Yes. Once you have signed up for a monthly subscription via PayPal you can purchase additional text messages as needed by using your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex), or you can also debit your PayPal account.

Do I have to sign a long term contract, or can I cancel any time?
There are no long term contracts. Everything is done on a month by month basis. You can cancel any time. Your PayPal account is debited monthly for your subscription until you choose to cancel.

How quickly can I send out a text message?
You can send a single text message almost instantaneously with a click of a button. Using our calendar scheduler feature, you can also schedule messages to be delivered at any time in the future ? a great tool for sending appointment reminders.

Can I send my text out to just one person? What about a small group from my list?
You have the option to send your message to one person or to a group list that you have created.

Can I send a text message to any phone number I can find?
No. Spamming of cell phone numbers is strictly prohibited. Your account will be terminated if spamming is reported. Most numbers will be added when your customers choose to opt-in by texting your keyword to the shortcode, 59769, or by signing up online at your site using our web form.

If I go over my monthly text messages allowed, what will it cost?
You can easily buy additional text messages as you need them. Prices are as cheap as $0.07 per text credit.

Can I check my account online?
Yes, our system is fully web enabled. You manage your account by simply logging into our system here. You manage your own SMS campaign straight from the easy web interface.

Can I see how many text messages I’ve sent in a month?
Yes, in real time you can track how many messages you?ve sent and received. You can view daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Can I see how many people have received my text messages?
Yes, under the Statistics tab in our texting platform you will be able to view the people who have received your text message.

Will all major cell carriers transmit my text messages?
Yes. Our system is supported by all the major cell carriers in the U.S.

What if I have questions after I get started?
The video tutorials on each page of the texting platform may be viewed to help answer your questions on using the system. You may also email a support question at any time using the support tab.

What are keywords and how do I get one?
A Keyword is a special word assigned to your account. For example, if you are department stores, you might set up a keyword ‘shoes’ and a keyword ‘handbags’ so that customers can receive alerts when the latest product arrives in the store. When people sign up, they are instructed to text ‘keyword’ to 59769. Your keyword needs to be 3 -13 characters.

Can I set up any keyword I want?
You may set up any keyword that is not taken and that is not offensive in nature. If a keyword is taken, you will need to find a related keyword that is a little different. Use the tool below to check the availability of your desired keyword.

Can I indefinitely reserve a keyword?
Keywords cannot be reserved. As long as there is monthly activity with your keyword you retain the right to use it. If you go for more than a month without using your keyword someone else could activate it.