Bluetooth Gem

Bluetooth was designed for short-range communication. It has a range of up to 100 meters. It is widely adapted to a multitude of applications. Bluetooth is among the most energy efficient technologies on the market.
Bluetooth low energy is a power-efficient version of Bluetooth that was introduced in 2010. BLE has allowed developers to create small devices that can run for years on tiny coin-cell batteries. These devices called beacons transmit a nearly continuous radio signal, usually a few times every second. It’s like a radio station that plays only one song, over and over. This signal tells smart devices the beacon’s ID number. The number is then sent to a cloud server in order to find the data related to that beacon.

A Bluetooth beacon maintains a strictly one-way conversation. It can talk to an app on your phone, but your phone can’t talk to the beacon. And without the right apps installed, a beacon can’t talk to your phone at all.

Each Bluetooth beacon sends out a unique message which is capable of instructing a receiving device to perform a single application.The application of beacons is limited only by your imagination. Link visitors to social media enabling them to share their visit while on site. Deployed beacons to beam information about exhibits to patrons’ phones. Hotels and resorts use beacons to push special deals. Providing a link to a virtual tour of your property listing. Push a coupon for a special offer within your retail store.

Multiple beacons enable you to share several messages with your customers. For example, one beacon can enable the application to show a your customer a business card, another can deliver a coupon for dining today while another delivers a sign up page for your customer loyalty program.Our platform tracks analytics and demographics on incoming leads. Manage your sales activity so no leads get stale. And monitor all of your key sales metrics from lead generation to closed deal. 100% Automatically.
If you are a B2C business, the Bluetooth Gem is a must have item to increase sales. Contact us for a quote today!